Learning Project (2) Update #4: A,E, and F in Maj, min, and 7th

Hey everyone, here’s my last video for my Learning Project.  I think I really was able to learn some cool new things this time around.

Thank you so much for you support, and I hope you enjoy!


1 thought on “Learning Project (2) Update #4: A,E, and F in Maj, min, and 7th

  1. Aw man, James, you played the song! That song is great, and you did a good job for not knowing what that song was when I mentioned it. I would have to go back in time to listen to the moment my friend played it for me in the basement of our drama studio on her ukulele to tell you who did it better, but you know, I think you may have my friend from Grade Twelve beat. That sentence seems like there are at least four things structurally wrong with it, but I am leaving it as is because I do not know how to solve the problem.

    Great learning project, James! I always wished I could play an instrument that wasn’t my trusty clarinet, but I don’t think I am quite talented enough for string instruments. I hope you continue to learn even though this project is done, and you become, like, the master of ukulele and you go on tour so we can all say we knew you before you were famous.

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