To Tweet or not to Tweet

Ah, Twitter.

My relationship with Twitter began back in 2013 in ecmp355 where I was encouraged to use it as a tool for the class.  I did not use it much then, but I followed a few people and would occasionally scroll through to find something interesting or useful.  I started using Twitter a bit more the following March, when Russia waltzed into Crimea and took it for it’s own. So to stay in the know on the incident, I followed a few news organizations on Twitter. For a couple years I would use Twitter very sporadically, following teachers and professors here or there, but never anything that really was education focused.

Then I began my Internship, with the wonderful and very Twitter-proficient Dean Vendramin.  Dean is a big proponent of edtech, and avidly uses Twitter in his classroom to promote everything that goes on within.

I had never seen anything of the sort, and so it was really cool learning firsthand how one may use Twitter in the classroom. Great.

So, after all of this, what do I think of Twitter?  I believe that twitter is a very valuable tool to be used by educators, as seen by demonstrations by @vendi55 and @courosa.  I think that it is a great place for teachers to ask questions, learn new ideas, and share resources with each other.  It’s like a giant staff room where all the teachers are brimming with new ideas, techniques, and resources that they want to share.  It’s really cool when you think of it that way.  Overall I think that it’s a fantastic resource that is underutilized by many.

So saying, I will admit that I don’t utilize it as much as I could or should.  I definitely find it exhausting to see so many different posts by so many different people.  Not saying that what is shared is bad, on the contrary, the amount of great resources alone make Twitter worth having, but it also seems to add to the burden of the teacher who wants to do their absolute best within their classroom.  Maybe that’s just me though, and that as a teacher I need to recognize that I’m not going to do everything perfectly, nor will I ever find the “right way” to teach all students, and that the best thing I can do is to do my best and learn when I can.

Overall I still think that Twitter is a great tool, and I highly doubt that I would be even where I am at now with it had I not been encouraged to use it in ecmp355 and ecmp455.  I hope your experiences are always beneficial whilst using it.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!


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