The Learning Project (LP) Part Two

Hello my friends, how are you? I’m great by the way (thanks for asking).

Why am I so great? I’ll tell you! As a significant portion of my ECMP 455 class at the University of Regina, I have been assigned to learn something using the availability of online resources, and I can learn anything I want! Pretty exciting, I know. If you will join me in remembering back to the Fall of 2013, you will recall that I had a similar (in fact identical) project in my ECMP 355 class, and I attempted to learn how to contact juggle, with limited results, and if you can’t remember then feel free to look under the ECMP 355 page of my blog and you can find it there.

Anyways, the question then becomes, what to learn? Aha! I’ll learn how to play the Ukulele! I got one for Christmas last year that I have yet to learn and I even had my friend restring it so it fits my awkward left-handed tendencies, perfect!

So, that’s that. I am going to learn how to play the Ukulele. Hoorah!

If you have any comments or ideas of songs that I should try to learn first, let me know, and if you find a good resource please pass that on as well. Have a great day folks!


Who Am I… Now?

Ah, the smell of a new semester is upon us… actually it has gotten a bit stale.

Hello everyone who has decided to use some of their valuable time in the reading of my blog post.  First and foremost, thanks, I feel #blessed for the attention. Secondly, me.

My name is James Lamb, and I am currently a fourth year, post-internship (man am I glad to be able to say that) student in the Secondary Education program at the University of Regina with a major is in math, and a minor is in social studies. I am very glad to be back at university, if only because this is my last semester before finishing my degree.


Look at that handsome guy

As for taking ECMP 455, I think that there is a lot more that I am now able to learn, having taught classes full time during my Internship and better able to place the new information in a context that I actually understand. This is particularly true in my case because I was fortunate enough to be in a classroom where not only my cooperating teacher @vendi55 was for the use of technology in his classroom, but additionally we had a class set of computers to use in our class. So I would say that one goal that I have would be to learn about more applications and way that I might use technology in my future classrooms now that I have a good idea of what that could be like.

Another goal for this class is to genuinely enjoy it. Often times when I have taken classes it has been for the purpose of getting the degree, and so many of them are a lot less useful to me in the future because I was not very interested in the course and thus retained little of the information given me. So, I want to commit to choosing to enjoy this class, which is made all the easier because of the passion that @courosa has for the subject matter, and the genuine care that he has for his students.

Finally, my ultimate goal for this course is to pass it and be able to complete my degree requirements and move on to the next stage of my life.

Thanks for reading, I hope that it helped you see into my mind a little bit (isn’t that a scary thought). Have a great day!