Out with the old and in with the… well slightly revised version

So, recently we received feedback for our original lesson plans (of mine you can find both in my original journal and on my lesson plans page) from our coop teacher and class professor, and were asked to revise them.  Revising the lesson to make it better was pretty cool, and a great learning experience being able to actually go back and change what I though needed change, whether it be a simple adaptation or a full out overhaul.  Though if you’ve been following you’ll know that my partner and I did something similar with one lesson plan as we had an opportunity to teach it a second time.

One of the changes in the lesson was to emphasize Bloom’s Taxonomy as steps up a ladder, rather than as random assignments and questions.  As the assignment was about written quotation marks, it was difficult finding something that could relate to Treaty Education, as the First Nations have and oral tradition, and so don’t need written marks to signify when someone is speaking, but then I realized that both written and oral languages need ques to signify when someone is quoting someone else, and was able to find SI7: Examine Oral Tradition as a valid way of preserving accounts of what transpired and what was intended by entering into treaty, which I thought fit nicely.  Other changes in the lesson can be seen by the link above.

Overall, it was a very good learning experience to look over my lesson again.


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